Patent Protection In Complex Industries

New technology is the currency of success in high-tech industries, and consequently, protection of associated intellectual property is critical.

We Understand

Our team of professionals has a deep understanding across a broad range of technologies. Many of our professionals have advanced technological degrees, such as Ph.D.s in immunology, pharmacology, chemistry, and microbiology, and Master’s degrees in software engineering and cell and developmental biology. Many of our professionals also spent years in engineering and scientific disciplines before pursuing careers in patent law.

Not only do our lawyers have considerable technical competence, they also have vast expertise in the nuances of patent law.

In general, we are able to assist clients in protecting technology in the following fields:

  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical Technology
  • Electrical and Software Technology
  • Mechanical Technology

With ready knowledge in our technical fields and savvy legal acumen gained over years of practice, we provide advice to clients worldwide to address complex patent protection issues.

Global Representation

While we are headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, there is no limit to the geographical scope of our representation, and we use our expertise to help companies obtain global patent protection. Our professionals provide comprehensive patent representation to corporations, universities, start-ups, and other organizations.